Our Simple Arts


Hello, Traveler!

Hi, we are Alma and Peter from Latvia, and we’re excited to welcome you to our website. As a creative couple, we’re passionate about pursuing our artistic dreams and sharing our work with the world. Here, you can explore our work, read our blog and get an inside look at our creative process.

We believe that art makes the world a better place for everyone and helps to get through the every day life. With OurSimpleArts we strive to make life more colorful and unique. 

Our goal is to elevate the ordinary and mundane aspects of everyday life, by transforming them into something beyond the ordinary. We seek to breathe life into the simple things, and make them more interesting, appealing, and positive. Our ultimate goal is to infuse everything around us with a sense of optimism and positivity.

We are grateful for any support, as it helps us to continue doing what we love and bringing our work to a wider audience. By supporting us, you enable us to pursue our passion and move us closer to our goals and dreams. And of course to provide the best treats for our beloved cat Graf.

Thank you! And enjoy your stay!  🙂

**With great plans to give back to art communities in the Baltic States and open doors for other young artists in the future we thank you for your support.


**With great plans to build a community for all kinds of art lovers and enthusiasts we thank you for your support.

***We hope you enjoy your stay! 🙂